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Bohemian Home - Multicolored Star GarlandWhen we think about a bohemian home, we think global goodness. Symbols rich in their history and meaning, fragrant incense and comforting artwork. Bohemian means lounging on floor pillows, enjoying cups of tea, thinking about life and talking about books.

It’s important to take time for yourself each day. It’s easy to get swept away in the rush of errands and chores. But there’s a beauty in stillness. We encourage you to spend a moment each day to reflect and unwind.

Create a safe space where the mind can rest. The body will follow. Especially if you’re moving into a new house or apartment, it’s easy to feel a little lost in the new environment. It doesn’t take much to transform a blank slate into a private oasis.

When creating a well-rounded space, an easy way to start is by breaking it down into the five senses:


Wall hangings and hanging lamps. The storied tradition of kalamkari art meets the symbolic significance of a tree of life. A metal hanging lamp from Egypt creates a sense of allure and ancient mystery.

Bohemian Home - Mudra Hands Candleholders


Incense, for an atmospheric ambiance.

Bohemian Home - Terra Cotta Incense Holder


Pillows, sitting close to the ground can help you feel… well… grounded.

Bohemian Home - Mindful Yoga Pillow


Tea, we recommend Equal Exchange for your fair trade tea needs. And nothing beats a handmade ceramic mug from master potters in Vietnam, who have learned their craft from generations that have come before them.

Bohemian Home - Toasty Morning Mug


Singing bowl, for a meditative tone that will soothe your worries away.

Bohemian Home - singing bowl

When an item is handcrafted, the maker puts a little bit of love into every creation they touch. Handcrafted items hold a positive energy that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s the same feeling as when a neighbor presents you with a tray of homemade cookies. The secret ingredient is love.

Surrounding yourself with handcrafted items is a great way to bring the love of people around the world into your bohemian home and fill your space with positive energy.

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Jessica Wieser

A previous copywriter for Ten Thousand Villages, Jess is fond of campfires, rainy days and dark chocolate. She enjoys filling her house with furry and not-so-furry critters (currently counting two rats, one puppy and a tortoise). With a secret love for punk rock and horror film, she spends her free time writing weird poems, drinking tea, and dancing badly to old songs.

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