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We love the sunlight. But when sunlight seems nowhere to be found, we must come up with other ways of satisfying our desire for sparkle and shine. That’s why we have devised this season’s Illumination home decor collection—products meant to celebrate the more celestial aspects of winter. Here are some of our favorites:

Lavender Light Mosaic Vase

Lavender Light Mosaic Vase

Fill this vase with tea lights or even baby’s breath to remind you that spring is not so far away. The crystalline quality of this vase makes it versatile for a vessel or a stained glass candle-enclosure.

Holiday Reflections Bowl

Holiday Reflections Bowl

Bring in the color! This shimmery green mosaic bowl will help offset the stark-clean of a landscape blanketed in fresh snow. Help your holly and pine garlands pop with flickering candlelight, enhanced through each tiny circle of green glass.

Silver Prayers Candle Holder & Silverburst Vases

Silver Prayers Candle Holder and Silverburst Vases

Delicate mercury glass embodies the frost that gathers on our windows. To embrace the glistening charm of snow and ice, adorn your space with this votive candleholder. It evokes the quiet reverence of a prayer—along with the wistful sensibility of something ancient and weathered. 

Designs like silver lace are perforated in this vase. Great for freshly cut holly, or a candle, this vase makes the perfect accent for the mantelpiece, or table setting. Tall enough to make a statement, yet slender enough not to take up space, the Silverburst Vase is sure to make your space burst with light.

Starlight Candleholder

Starlight Candleholder

White capiz mimics the soft glow of starlight when illuminated by a candle. An accent piece that will bring a sense of quaint simplicity to the space, the Starlight Candleholder hangs quietly and calmly to soothe the stargazer’s thoughts.

Etched Metal Hanging Lamp

Etched Metal Hanging Lamp

Intricate patterns of silver in pierced metal allow translucence. It’s electric light peering softly through the darkness—the twinkle from this lamp is reminiscent of starlight in a clear winter’s sky.

Don’t let winter bring you down. Celebrate with twinkling lights in every room. (just don’t leave your candles unattended, please!)


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