Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hard to Shop for Dad

Because his Father’s Day gift should be as unique as he is, we’ve rounded up a gift resource for every type of dad out there. Find your fella’s persona, and we’re betting you’ll find him a perfect gift.

The 9-5 Dad

Eco-Leather Messenger Bag
Eco-Leather Messenger Bag

ECO-LEATHER MESSENGER BAG: Every office man, or student needs a dependable bag. The Eco-Leather Messenger Bag boasts individual pockets for his phone, pens, and cards plus ample space for notebooks, folders, tablet, etc. What makes this leather eco-friendly? Rather than being tanned with hazardous chemicals per the modern norm, this leather is tanned using materials derived from sustainable tea bark extracts and waxes. Safe for the tanner, safe for the user. A classy Father’s Day gift, if we do say so ourselves.
MAKER: From our artisan partner group CRC Exports in India, which helps small, informally organized craft workshops develop into self-sustaining businesses.

Conscious Step Socks

SOCKS THAT FIGHT FOR CHANGE: Have his dress socks do more than line his shoes. Our friends at Conscious Step partner with non‒profit organizations to support humanitarian and environmental causes around the world. Choose a cause you know he cares about and gift him socks + social change. Bonus: they come in great designs!

The Gear-head

For the Innovator | Ethical Father's Day Gifts — frame | Ten Thousand Villages, #LiveLifeFair
Bicycle Chain Picture Frame

BICYCLE CHAIN PICTURE FRAME: For the dad who always seems to have grease on his hands. Gift him a photo of him and his family in this recycled bike chain frame, and you’re sure to melt his gear-loving heart this Father’s Day.
MAKER: Made by artisans working with Noah’s Ark International Exports. Noah’s Ark provides benefits such as education and medical treatment for artisans and their families in India.

Wheel of Time Clock

WORKSHOP CLOCK: The Wheel of Time Clock belongs hanging in the Innovator Dad’s garage or workshop, don’t you think? Fashioned from repurposed bike parts by artisans in India, the Wheel of Time Clock comes with a wall hanger and a removable tabletop stand.
MAKER: Made by artisans who have found sustainable employment through Noah’s Ark International Exports.

The Master Chef

Fathers Day Gifts | Bicycle Pizza Cutter

BICYCLE PIZZA CUTTER: Does your master chef already seem to have everything he needs in the kitchen? Bet he doesn’t have one of these! Make that homemade pie a novelty to cut and serve with this fun, stainless steel pizza cutter. Try making your master chef a home cooked meal this Father’s Day, and you’ll really win the day.
MAKER: Handmade by metalworkers in India with Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark has helped makers develop innovative designs, incorporate alternative materials and find new markets for their work, keeping alive a craft passed down through generations.

Marble Salt Keeper

COUNTERTOP SALT KEEPER: Every good chef knows the secret ingredient to many beloved dishes is the last sprinkle of sea salt. With a shesham wood lid and spoon, the marble canister includes a bag of pink salt crystal and is finished with a printed tag reading “Salt of the earth: an individual or group considered as representative of the best or noblest elements of society.” So go ahead, let him know you think he’s a salt-of-the-earth kind of father.
MAKER: Crafted by makers working with Dominion Traders, a third-generation family business that pioneered fair trade practices in Pakistan’s stone industry and works with artisans regardless of religion or ethnicity.

The Academic

Father's Day Gifts | Many Woods Eyeglasses Rest

MANY WOODS EYEGLASSES REST: All that reading must result in tired eyes. Help him remember where he laid those readers, or give him a safe place for eyeglasses with this shesham, mango, papri and tune woods glasses rest, handcrafted in India. Psst…can also come mustached.
MAKER: Meaning “hope” in Sanskrit, Asha Handicrafts is an Indian fair trade organization that has been working to promote the social and economic development of artisans throughout India for more than 40 years. Asha works with more than 50 producer groups and more than 1,200 makers across India, including skilled artisans in Sarahanpur, the center of traditional woodworking in India.

The Journey Leather Journal

HANDCRAFTED LEATHER JOURNAL: For all the thoughts, notes and introspection you know he’s full of. This leather covered, bound journal most certainly smells something akin to Hemingway. With silver embossed text, handmade paper and buffalo leather, this journal says all kinds of “you deserve the best.”
MAKER: Made by artisans partnered with Craft Resource Center, who seeks to develop economic self-sufficiency for a vulnerable segment of society through traditional handcrafting skills in India.

Backgammon Box

A THINKING PERSON’S GAME: Challenge accepted! This Backgammon Box is handcrafted from shesham wood, haldu wood, padauk wood, steam wood, and felt by artisans working with Noah’s Ark, a fair trade organization in Moradabad, India. We foresee a game night in your Father’s Day future.
MAKER: The cost of metals has skyrocketed in recent years, which has had a devastating effect on the local economy and on the lives of individual artisans. Noah’s Ark has worked hard to train artisans to use alternative metals and materials and to create appealing designs.

The New Dad

Father's Day Gifts | Parent and Child Statue
Baby Giraffe Wooden Frame

NEW BABY FRAME: If the dad on your gift list is expecting a baby or new to fatherhood, this mango wood frame handcrafted by artisans in India is a charming and thoughtful choice. Ultrasound pics or yawning baby photos not included.
MAKER: Handcrafted by artisans of the Asha Handicrafts Association. Sanskrit for “hope,” Asha provides opportunities for artisans in and around Mumbai.

Guatamalan Wash Mittens

BATH BONDING TIME: New dads love to bond with baby during bath time! Equip him with some fun wash mittens, handmade of cotton and terry cloth and gift him with 1:1 time with his new little one this Father’s Day.
MAKER: Unidas Para Vivir Mejor, “United For A Better Life.” This group of women lives in a squatter community named La Esperanza (Hope) on the outskirts of Guatemala City where they are offered handicraft training and employment, a medical clinic, pharmacy, medical laboratory, a growth monitoring program and tutoring program for families who would otherwise have limited choices.

Woven Palm Leaf Moses Basket

WOVEN PALM LEAF MOSES BASKET: This basket, usable for infants until they can sit or roll unassisted, is a beautiful and practical gift for a new parent. Portable, so it can be placed in any room baby needs a nap, any new dad would be grateful for its versatility and quality craftsmanship. Hand woven of palm leaf, with leather handles and recycled cotton sari fabric removable mat. Go all out for his first Father’s Day gift!
MAKER: Our fair trade partner, Rishilpi, trains and supports artisans in rural Bangladesh who weave these baskets by hand in their homes.

The Bibber Dad

Fossil Stone Large Drink Cubes

ICED IS NICE: Does your dad enjoy a bevvy on the rocks? How about these stone drink chillers? Place in the freezer, dunk and enjoy a cold beverage without all that watering down trouble from ice.
MAKER: Handcrafted in Pakistan by artisans with Dominion Traders who employ underprivileged artisans, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Hand Carved Bottle Toppers

BOTTLE TOPPERS: Looking for a creative gift? Offer him some of his favorite bottled bevs with the addition of an animal menagerie! These hand carved bottle toppers are both creative and functional.
MAKER: Handcrafted by the fairly paid artisans of Kichaka Poa, and brought to you through OTICART International of Kenya.

The Dependable Dad

Parenthood Sculpture

PARENTHOOD SCULPTURE: He’s been there through thick and thin. He’s guided you, inspired you, and hugged away your hurts over the years. This Father’s Day, tell him just how much he means to you with the Parenthood Sculpture. Because sometimes words just aren’t enough.
MAKER: Made of Kisii stone, found only in Kenya and handcarved by artisans working with our partners, OTICART International Limited.

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