Holiday Mantelscapes – Exploring Fireplace Mantel Ideas

A few beautiful examples of fireplace mantel ideas:

 You’ve trimmed the tree with ribbons and bows, 
but you’ve left the mantel bare as snow. 
Bring a sprig of green or lights of white 
to adorn the fireplace all winter’s night.

Striking Silhouette Mantel

Striking Silhouette Mantel - Fireplace Mantel Ideas
Lost wax bronze casted statues make a striking impression. Silver and red are a festive combination, especially when illuminated by candlelight. Pomegranates and rose hips hold a rich color that will stand out nicely against freshly cut greens and silver metal garland.


Sophisticated Twilight Mantel

Sophisticated Twilight Mantel - Fireplace Mantel Ideas

When singing bowls aren’t singing, use them as decorations. The reflective surfaces will twinkle and gleam with the warmth around them.

Sophisticated Twilight Mantel - Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Lamps made of natural onyx stone are luxurious statement pieces that show the beauty of nature’s patterns.

Salt Pink Glow Mantel

Salt Pink Glow Mantel - Fireplace Mantel Ideas

The soft, warm glow of pink salt crystal adds an ambiance of much-needed warmth for the holiday season.

Salt Pink Glow Mantel - Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Vary the height and quantity of salt crystal lamps and candleholders for a natural and intriguing look.


Blue and Gold Mantel

Blue and Gold Mantel - Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Bring elegance to your mantle with classic blue and gold sparkle. Mosaic vases magnify the flicker of a candle’s flame as each circle of glass reflects at a different angle.

Blue and Gold Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Waves of colored Phoenician glass swirl and encircle the light that burns brightly within them.  For a more formal look, make the mantel pieces symmetrical, and add a star garland for peeks of gold throughout the length of the space.


Stocking-Ready Reindeer Mantel

Stocking-Ready Reindeer Mantel- Fireplace Mantel Ideas

If your mantelpiece is rustic wood and stone, match the sentiment with roughly wrought reindeer. Birch bark and berries complete the look of a woodland theme.


Moroccan Feast Mantel

Moroccan Feast Mantel - Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Moroccan Feast Mantel - Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Lemon yellow brightens up the space with a zesty vibrancy. Golden vases, candleholders, and lanterns bring a sense of joy and contentment. A comfortable abode indeed.




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