Spaliday—Take a Moment to Unwind

Unwind in your bath and celebrate spaliday | Recipe for RelaxationNeed to unwind? Imagine the bathroom of your dreams… Colored glass swirls with soothing smoothness and contrasts against rustic woodgrain. Candles and stone. Colors and softness. Creating a retreat you’ll want to escape to is easier than you thought.

Even the most basic of bathrooms can become beautiful with less work than you might think. A new mirror, a lamp, and some candleholders can go a long way towards creating an spa-like retreat.

Small touches as simple as river rocks or bamboo branches can make a big difference in the mood of your bath space. Calla lilies sitting in a Phoenician glass vase create a colorful, modern, yet soothing look that is unique and delicate. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy…

The madness of summertime is fizzling out. Vacation planning, cookouts and all the craziness that comes with warm weather is coming to a close. The kids are back at school, and it’s time for some YOU time.

A Recipe for Relaxation

By this point in the year, you may even have forgotten how to relax! There’s no better way to unwind than with a long, warm bath. Reflectiveness and serenity are key when it comes to total relaxation. By following these simple steps, you can be relaxing in no time:


•   1 Comfy Robe
•   1 Bathtub
•   Several Candles, in decorative candleholders, if you’d like.

Unwind in your bath and celebrate spaliday | Recipe for Relaxation

Slip into a comfy robe

Work clothes are restricting! Who needs ‘em? Not you. This cotton robe is blockprinted by hand by artisans in India. Soothing blue sprawls out in traditional designs.

Unwind in your bath and celebrate spaliday | Recipe for Relaxation

Fill the bath

Watch the water run and let yourself zone out. Focus on the sound of the water and the wisps of steam it creates. Allow yourself to reach a meditative state with the help of running water.

Unwind in your bath and celebrate spaliday | Recipe for Relaxation

Light some candles

The quick flicker of flame can be mesmerizing. Enjoy the contrast of fire and water, and concentrate on that thought to reach your zen place.

Unwind in your bath and celebrate spaliday | Recipe for Relaxation

Soak and unwind

Just sit in the water. That’s all you need to do. Because you have no worries in the world. Remember that.

And that’s all there is to it! Enjoy your new bathroom.


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Jessica Wieser

A previous copywriter for Ten Thousand Villages, Jess is fond of campfires, rainy days and dark chocolate. She enjoys filling her house with furry and not-so-furry critters (currently counting two rats, one puppy and a tortoise). With a secret love for punk rock and horror film, she spends her free time writing weird poems, drinking tea, and dancing badly to old songs.

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