Get into the Gatsby State of Mind

You’ve been invited to a party, but you’re not quite sure of what to wear. You need something glamorous, but not flashy. Something high-quality and unique. Preparing for the party should be just as much fun as the event itself. And the best way to have fun is to use your imagination…

Transport yourself back to an era when parties were an art form. Everything shined to reflect the starlight. Everything was fizzy like bubbles in champagne, overflowing like the hearts of young lovers, chasing each other around fountains at night, sneaking kisses when no one was watching besides the statues and swans.

Bring yourself back to a time when songs were filled with feeling. Clothing and jewelry were indistinguishable for all the sequins, beading and fringe. It was an age when inhibitions were set free—dresses became shorter, looser, hair was shorn and dazzled up with sparkling bits of diamond. Lips sipped a little something sweet from a cocktail glass. And fingers expertly entwined themselves with somebody else’s.

It’s easier than you might think, all you need is an occasion and a persona… someone to inspire your mood throughout an evening of dancing and moonlight. Not to say you should act like someone else all evening, but to get into the spirit and excitement of the party, it might be fun to look in the mirror and imagine you’re from a different time. Storybook characters can be wonderful sparks to the imagination. Here is our interpretation of STARDUST, two ways:



“When your heart’s on fire, smoke gets in your eyes.”

Lovesickness is a heck of an experience, so savor every moment. Delicate and bright, Daisy shines golden. Her look is sparkly and sweet, slightly innocent too. It’s true, love can make you blind, but that’s part of the fun. So follow your heart and embrace the infatuation while it lasts.

To capture this look, go for accessories that catch the light with gold beading. A golden fringe necklace, with earrings of an equal sway will accentuate your every dance move. These pieces will bring warmth and refinement to even the simplest dress.stardust-gold1



“Leather is tough, but Hannah’s heart is tougher.”

The femme fatale has been a literary archetype for as long as there have been stories. Smooth and elegant, Jordan embodies the “new woman” of the twenties. Independent and determined. Cool and intriguing. Maybe even a little edgy. Play up your mischievous side, just for one night.

To channel your inner Jordan, choose accessories that exude cool strength. Silvery metallics and gunmetal will shine against glistening black beads designed with clean lines for a modern silhouette—delivering the glamor you crave.stardust-silver2

Get together with a friend, put on some old records and transform yourselves into your chosen persona. All it takes is a little bit of nostalgia, a dash of sparkle and a lot of glamor to turn heads and be remembered as the classiest lady at the party.

Here’s a list of suggestions for a playlist that is sure to get you into the Gatsby state of mind:

Stardust_music3For Daisy

1. You Go To My Head,  Billie Holiday
2. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,  Gertrude Niesen
3. Star Dust,  Hoagy Carmichael
4. I’d Rather Be Blue Over You,  Fanny Brice


Stardust_music5For Jordan

5. Hard Hearted Hannah,  Dolly Kay
6. West End Blues,  Louis Armstrong
7. Black and Tan Fantasy,  Duke Ellington
8. Empty Bed Blues,  Bessie Smith


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Jessica Wieser

A previous copywriter for Ten Thousand Villages, Jess is fond of campfires, rainy days and dark chocolate. She enjoys filling her house with furry and not-so-furry critters (currently counting two rats, one puppy and a tortoise). With a secret love for punk rock and horror film, she spends her free time writing weird poems, drinking tea, and dancing badly to old songs.

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