5 Fair Trade Scarf Styles To Try In 2014

There’s more than one way to wear a scarf. In this season of snow and wind, be prepared against the elements and look great while doing it. And then you can extend your scarf-wearing to the warmer months with luxurious scarves of silk and chiffon, perfect for any occasion, from evenings out to days at the park.

1. The Infinity Scarf

A modern take on the accessory, infinity scarves save you the hassle of loose ends while maintaining a dramatic draping appearance. In vibrant colors, these low-maintenance yet stylish scarves will complete your look and capture your heart forever.

Island Hills Infinity Scarf

2. Woolly & Warm Scarf

Nothing beats the classic look and feel of a warm, woolly scarf. Alpaca wool is renowned as one of the softest and warmest materials around. Straight from Bolivia, the Vibrant Season scarf is created in close proximity to where alpacas live and thrive. Similarly, banana fiber, derived from the trunk of the banana tree, is a wonderful alternative to animal wool because of its softness and warmth.  With its lightweight quality, this material is a renewable resource to the artisans of Nepal.

Gone Bananas! Muffler

3. All Wrapped Up

Do you ever wish that the warmth of your neck scarf could wrap you up entirely?  Ponchos, shawls, and capes are as comforting as big blankets that you can wear around all day long.

4. Light & Airy Scarves

Scarves aren’t just for blustery days. Find a fashionable flare with these lightweight accent scarves in silk and chiffon.  Some colorful sheer fabric will flutter delicately when you move about, adding interest and intrigue to your everyday look.

Denim Dusk Silk Scarf  Poppy Garden Scarf

5. The Pashmina

For a stylish look that also incorporates warmth and comfort, the pashmina is a great option. Soft, wide, and flowing fabrics will gather and layer for a look that is both sophisticated and casual. Pashminas are easy to wear and versatile.

Jacquard Sundown Scarf

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