Fair Tuesday – Join the Movement – December 3, 2013

Fair Tuesday is an ethical shopping initiative started in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday –  It was founded last November by Global Goods, a fair trade organization:

The goal of #FairTuesday is to inspire conscious consumerism and show how an everyday purchase can change lives in a whole community.

You can join the Fair Tuesday movement in two simple ways: by buying at least one fair trade item on Tuesday, December 3 and/or by helping organizations spread the word about the movement on social media using the hashtag, #FairTuesday.

This social media movement will bring attention to a number of greater consumer questions: How often do we pause to wonder how powerful the votes we cast with our everyday dollars really are? A consumer, by purchasing a product,  rewards the way the product was produced, the environment it creates and consumes and the quality of human rights and social justice it provides the community…

A fair trade retail environment is a place where consumer meets producer and both walk away from the experience with integrity. Make a choice to say that this subject matters by being a part of this movement.

Take a moment to explore the Ten Thousand Villages online catalog or local store and discover of a world remarkably different from an ordinary shopping experience.

#FairTuesday – December 3, 2013

Join the movement:

I Support Fair Tuesday SignTake a photo of your fair trade purchase and tag the image using the hashtag “#FairTuesday” on or before December 3, 2013. Post the photos to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… whichever social media platform you and your friends use. Thank you for joining us for #FairTuesday and enjoy your fair trade shopping this season!




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