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Autumn Romance

Fall weddings are more popular than ever before. Whether you’re attending as a guest or hosting one yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind to make this event as romantic and magical as it should be. From unique accessories and wedding decorations, to party favors and gifts, Ten Thousand Villages is the destination for all your fair trade wedding needs.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Fall Wedding, Fair Trade Gifts and Decor

Leaves and trees are wonderful motifs for a fall wedding. And jewelry makes a great gift for the ladies in the bridal party. Like friendship bracelets for grownups, you can all wear matching necklaces or earrings for years to come and think back on how much fun you had together as friends, as sisters, as bridesmaids.

Fall Wedding, Fair Trade Gifts and Decor Party Favors

Sticking with the tree theme? Also keep in mind that winter is on its way—even autumn nights can be nippy. A handmade coffee mug with a delicate tree design is a great gift to send home with your guests. Fill them with flowers and tie with ribbon to use them as centerpieces at each guest’s place-setting.

Wedding Decorations

Fall Wedding, Fair Trade Gifts and Decor

OK, so you’re looking for some festive décor to add some autumn charm… garlands and candles bring just the ambiance you’ll love for your magical fall evening. Again, keep in mind that this is autumn, so keep it warm and cozy with rich reds and oranges.  Leaves and pumpkins will add to the mix.

Fall Wedding, Fair Trade Gifts and Decor Gifts for the Happy Couple

So, you’re not actually planning a fall wedding, but you’re attending one. What should you keep in mind as you search for the perfect gift?  You’ll want to choose something the couple can enjoy together.

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