7 Galentine’s Day Gifts that Empower

Sure, Valentine’s Day is great. There’s definitely something to be said about fancy candlelit dinners and red roses. But does romance always have to steal the show? Shouldn’t there be a holiday that celebrates all the women in your life that inspire you, lift you up when you’re feeling low, and challenge you to be the best version of yourself? We certainly think so. That’s why this year we’re putting Galentine’s Day on our calendar!

Galentine's Day

Galentine’s Day is relatively new to the scene, and we don’t know why it took so long for us all to realize that celebrating our best friends should have a day of its own. There are countless ways to observe the holiday that falls on February 13th. You could consume large quantities of waffles with the women you love, which is a tradition started by the founder of Galentine’s Day herself. (Thanks, Leslie Knope!) Or, you could head to the spa with your crew and leave your troubles behind for a few hours. Going on a coffee date, having a movie night, even planning a day trip together are all perfectly suitable ways to get into the spirit.

If you don’t want to show up to the Galentine’s Day festivities empty handed, you’re in luck! Our gifting experts have rounded up seven of their favorite fair trade finds that empower women and communities around the world.

Swing Tagua Necklace

A sweet and simple gift, the Swing Tagua Necklace is handcrafted with sustainably sourced tagua by women in Ecuador, it is a natural way to show your admiration.

Galentine's | Be Strong Necklace

Be Strong Necklace

Elephants are matriarchal creatures that live in tightly knit and protective groups of females strong enough to take on the world. Sound familiar? This necklace is a small reminder of the big power we all have when we’re surrounded by friends.

Blue Etched Glass Bottle

Blue Etched Glass Bottle

Bathfluence is trending! Help your galentine set a relaxing, soothing, and Instagram-worthy scene in their bathroom with the lovely Blue Etched Glass Bottle. With a hint of retro elegance, this handcrafted home accent will leave them feeling at ease.

Galentine's Day | Spaliday


Speaking of inviting calm, how about gifting your friends with a home spa session this Galentine’s Day? We women are so busy running the world that we rarely get any time to put our feet up and treat ourselves.

Tree Poem Wall Hanging

Celebrate your galentine’s strength and joy for life with the Tree Peom Wall Hanging handcrafted by woman artisans working with Saidpur Enterprises in Bangladesh.

Galentine's Day | Homemade Truffles

Homemade Truffles

If there’s a universal truth we can all agree on, it’s that chocolate is life. Making truffles is surprisingly fun and has delicious results. Bonus points if you use fair trade chocolate!

Galentine's Day | Guiding Star Necklace

Guiding Star Necklace

Who is your North Star? You know, the woman you look up to and encourages you keeps your eyes on your goals? Remind her how much impact she has on your life this Galentine’s Day with the Guiding Star Necklace.




A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Valentina lives in Lancaster, PA where she runs slowly, hikes often, and excitedly points out historical landmarks to friends and family. She is fond of curry and guacamole, and insists that vanilla ice cream is a waste of time and calories. Val is convinced that the greatest feeling in the world is stepping off a plane in a new place, and is a passionate believer that all the best days include books, baking, border collies, and bagpipes.

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