Host a Tea Party with the New Courtyard Conversation Collection

“The early spring sun is a subtle host. With quiet warmth and courtesy, he invites us for conversation in the courtyard.”

These are the words that inspire the Courtyard Conversation Collection. And what better way to supplement conversation than with sips of coffee or tea? Small snacks sustain us while we have long talks that last into the evening hours.

Courtyard Conversation | How to host your own Tea PartyThis spring, embrace the sweet repose of nature by sharing it with friends in an outdoor space. If you have a garden, great. If you have a patio, even better. But even if all you have to work with is a balcony big enough for two, you can still enjoy the grandeur of a tea party.

Set it Up

As you prepare for the tea party, a few things that will elevate the event are:

  • A colorful tablecloth always makes a great backdrop.  If you don’t have a table for your outdoor space, use it as a picnic blanket—bringing you closer to the earth.
  • Candle holders for tiny tea lights give a bit of glimmer as the sun sets.
  • A cake stand of several tiers can be dressed up or down for a formal or casual look.
  • And of course you’ll want the right ceramic cups, plates and other vessels to tie it all together.

Courtyard Conversation | How to host your own Tea Party

Teatime Foods

A variety of sweet and savory snacks are ideal. Drawing inspiration from traditional English High Tea, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • cucumber sandwiches
  • scones with jam
  • macaroons
  • miniature quiches
  • cookies and pies
  • cupcakes

Courtyard Conversation | How to host your own Tea Party

Time to Enjoy!

Now that the weather is finally better, invite some friends over to sit in the garden to enjoy a fancy tea time. This is the perfect opportunity to share stories. Talk about your favorite book you discovered while the winter months kept you cooped up. Make plans for the summer that is soon to arrive. Enjoy your conversation in the courtyard.


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