Mixed Metal: A Fashion Trend

We’ve been seeing mixed metal jewelry on the runway and in the streets. It’s time to bring this look into your own ensembles. We’ll show you a few options that will help you hold your own unique style while keeping true to the trend.

Mixed Metal Trend - Fair Trade Fashion - Gold and SilverClassic medallions that evoke the grandeur of Spanish doubloons salvaged from a shipwreck are a way to look like a queen while sporting the mixed metal trend. Each pendant is given a different patterned finish for intriguing appeal. Pair the necklace with matching earrings to spread the shine and complete the look.

Mixed Metal Trend - Fair Trade Fashion - Gold and SilverA larger statement piece like the Modern Art Necklace captures contemporary flare. Organic shapes in contrasting colors and textures are formed and hammered by hand. This bib-style shape becomes art for the body.

Simple, hammered rectangles in shades of both silver and gold come together in different sizes and lengths to form a crescent shape. Paired with matching earrings that dangle, gently clinking silver against gold, this jewelry set is a match made for trend-setters.

A three-tiered pendant in copper, gold, and silver looks just like a raindrop making a ripple effect on the water. This necklace is an understated representation of the mixed metal trend, encouraging observers to get just a little bit closer to see the detail.  And with earrings to match, this is a simple, sophisticated set.

Mixed Metal Trend - Fair Trade Fashion - Gold and Silver  Mixed Metal Trend - Fair Trade Fashion - Gold and Silver  Mixed Metal Trend - Fair Trade Fashion - Gold and Silver

Our necklaces and earrings are all handmade by artisans around the world who put a little bit of love into every piece they hammer and link. Many artisan workshops still use the same simple tools that have existed in their villages for generations.

Ten Thousand Villages works hard to ensure that cultural traditions are not lost. Our buyers work with artisans to find ways of translating their ancient techniques into contemporary designs, bringing you a finished product that you won’t find anywhere else.

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