Resourcefulness & Innovation: The Story Behind the Art Teacher Necklace

Khajuri Khaas is a challenging area of Delhi, with little sewage infrastructure and limited access to electricity or clean water. The streets are narrow and crowded. But in the midst of this impoverished area lies an oasis of light and smiling faces. It is the workshop of KB Crafts. It is Mohammed Naseem and his wife, Nasima.

Their family once had produced rugs for Tara Projects, so when Mohammed and Nasima arrived in this new town, fleeing religious persecution, they reached out to Tara, who supported the founding of their new jewelry workshop.

Their presence in this area is an important glimmer of hope for the surrounding community. Similar areas have seen a great deal of improvement following the introduction of a fair trade workshop, so Tara Projects hopes to see similar results in Kahjuri Khaas.

Resourcefulness & Innovation: Tara Projects, Art Teacher Necklace, Handmade Beads

The impact of their workshop has already become apparent through the confidence and creativity of the women who create Tara’s jewelry. One necklace in particular has a story that left our buyer feeling moved and inspired—

Resourcefulness & Innovation: Tara Projects, Art Teacher Necklace, Handmade Beads

A group of women sit together around a low table. In a room with walls lined by jars of beads, they sit, patiently creating colorful, wearable art. Shannon, our buyer, walks into this room. The whole table is covered with bowls filled with beads of every color, size and material. A woman shows Shannon that she’s created a sample necklace of her own design. The necklace she holds incorporates nearly every type of bead—extras from other necklaces that have come before.

Unique designs come from resourcefulness and innovation.

Resourcefulness & Innovation: Tara Projects, Art Teacher Necklace, Handmade Beads

This woman’s resourcefulness and innovation led to the creation of something entirely unique. She made a necklace unlike any other, and it’s easy to imagine that the vibrant style mimics her vibrant spirit.

Resourcefulness & Innovation: Art Teacher Necklace | Handmade Necklace


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