Ten Ethical Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Family

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, but do you know what you’re going to fill them with? In the hustle-bustle of the Christmas season, it’s all too easy to leave the small details until the last minute. Suddenly sitting in traffic and making frantic trips to the local big box store feel like a necessity. Nothing saps the festive spirit quite like fighting over parking spaces.

We don’t think the holiday season has to be dominated by a sense of urgency. It should be about sharing joy and creating memories. That’s why we rounded up a list our favorite stocking stuffers for the whole family! We did the work for you, so you can spend your time cuddling up with your family by the fire, or cruising around looking at light displays.

1 – Candy Cane Soap

Adding a bar of this handmade peppermint scented soap to their stocking will get them in the holiday spirit while also getting them squeaky clean! And the best part? All our soaps made in India use palm oil grown on local plots of land that can’t support other crops. This palm oil provides work to local farmers and does not contribute to deforestation.

2 – Recycled Sari Scrunchies

Handcrafted from recycled sari fabric by our partners in Bangladesh working with Prokritee, these scrunchies are a fair trade take on an accessory that’s back in style! The Recycled Sari Scrunchie Set is an essential ethical addition to any trendsetters’ stocking.

3 – Fleece-Lined Cat Hat

Cozy, meet whimsy. For cat lovers of all ages, this fleece-lined hat is hand-knit from wool by artisans working with Kumbeshwar Technical School in Nepal. As far as stocking stuffers go, this one’s the cat’s meow.

4 – Conscious Step Socks

Not your ordinary socks, this pair has a super power. These fair trade, organic cotton blend socks support global relief and development efforts with every purchase. And even better? There are so many different socks (and causes) to choose from, you’ll want to put a pair in every stocking.

5 – Cube Puzzle

This handmade wooden puzzle is the definition of ‘harder than it looks.’ We dare you to slip one of these tricky toys into a stocking and watch your loved ones tackle it together. If anything, you’ll get a few moments of peace and quiet to enjoy some cocoa on Christmas morning.

6 – Good Luck Pig

Everybody could use a little bit of luck to take them into the new year, and what better way than by adding it to their stocking? This three-legged pig is handmade from clay and is traditionally given as a token of love and good fortune in the village of Pomaire, Chile.

7 – Compass Key Chain

Perfect for the budding cartographer or seasoned explorer, this key chain has a great story. A compass workshop in India evolved from a group of craftsmen who originally made surveying equipment for some of the earliest canals in their region. Makers have adapted their designs to meet the needs of a changing market but have held true to their craftsmanship skills.

8 – Bee Exact Tape Measure

“Measure twice, cut once.” That’s how the saying goes, and we agree! Practical and pretty darn cute, the hand-crocheted by our partners in Vietnam, this tape measure is small enough to fit in your bag and playful enough to make any project more fun.

10 Ethical Stocking Stuffers | Wandering Thoughts Journal

9 – Wandering Thoughts Journal

Take note of this unique stocking stuffer. Perfect for the animal lover and useful for almost everybody on your list who has wandering thoughts. And, just like man’s best friend, they’ll want to keep one by their side at all times.

10 – Follow Your Dreams Magnet

Add a heartfelt sentiment of encouragement in hand-carved stone to their stocking this year. Remind them to keep working to make their dreams come true, even when times get tough.

Not enough stocking stuffer inspiration?

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A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Valentina lives in Lancaster, PA where she runs slowly, hikes often, and excitedly points out historical landmarks to friends and family. She is fond of curry and guacamole, and insists that vanilla ice cream is a waste of time and calories. Val is convinced that the greatest feeling in the world is stepping off a plane in a new place, and is a passionate believer that all the best days include books, baking, border collies, and bagpipes.

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